Partners in Rhyme

Wayne with Roman Kemp, Vikki Stone and Len Goodman filming for a new Saturday evening show for BBC One. The show is based on identifying rhymes whether in photo’s, news stories or mimes. The show is hosted by Len Goodman.

LIPA Graduation Ceremony 2017.

Wayne is a patron of LIPA and here is dancing with Sir Paul McCartney at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony on it’s 20th Anniversary.

Feature film HOUND

Wayne as Mr Bumptious in 'HOUND', with Gary Shail

Wayne is due to appear in a feature film ‘HOUND’, the life of poet Francis Thompson, written and directed by Chris Ward. Wayne, pictured here with Gary Shail, plays the role of Mr Bumptious.

Forthcoming film role

Wayne has landed a cameo role in a film called Hound which is based upon the life of Francis Thompson, written and directed by Chris Ward.

Dance Workshops

Through his workshops, Wayne Sleep hands on his accumulated knowledge of performance and technique to inspire students to greater heights.

Join Wayne for a day of dance workshops, with classes in ballet and jazz for juniors and seniors which will include repertoire from classical ballets and musical theatre choreographed by Wayne for the students’ ability. Each participant is given a certificate at the end of the workshop.

Wayne Sleep conducting Dance Workshop

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